How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money Online

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Many people are looking the ways to present their ideas and interests in the form of articles publishing in the web. When Blogging (blog) is firstly introduced in 1994 people mainly started sharing their life style, interest and writing skills. Later people started including business ideas in online platform like blogger. How To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money Online.

In this article we mainly discuss about most popular blogging platform Blogger. We are here to  explain step by step process according Blogger platform. And we are writing an article on Wordpress platform too. In this website we provide full course on both Blogger and Wordpress. Firstly we are going to explain step by step on platform Blogger.

How to start blogging on Blogger platform step by step procedure.

Blogger is a free platform where every Gmail account users can sign up. Blogger provides free hosting and custom domain like Before using free platform blogger keep in mind that Google takes commission about 40% of total earnings and provide you 60% of actual earn. Follow these steps to sign up on Blogger platform:-

1. Create Google Account:

Create Gmail Account

As you all know that we need Gmail account to sign up in every google platform and google apps. Firstly create google account make sure to create professional Gmail account. Like choose gmail name similar to your website name. Make sure to enable 2 factor authentication and secure you account with your phone number and device access.

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2. Create a blogging website on Blogger Platform.

After you have successfully created professional Gmail account. Now you need to sign up on Blogger. To do this visit Blogger from your browser ( we recommend chrome browser). Search for and visit first link on Google.

How to start Blogging beginner guide

After visiting please do choose Google account from your right top corner. As you choose your account and then click on three line menu on top left corner. From there you will get an option create blog under blogger logo. As given below picture.

How to start Blogging beginner guide
Write a blog name as given in below picture. Choose your blog name which you desire to create.

How to start Blogging beginner guide

As I have chosen mine Technical Gorkha. This will be your blog title after publishing on web.
After that it will ask to create blog address like your blog name with extension ( example:- 

How to start Blogging beginner guide

Note: if you see an error like this blog address not available. Do choose another blog address till you get available.
Click on Save button to create blog. After clicking on save button you are finally done creating.

Feel free to contact us  if you are in any trouble while creating own blog.


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