How To Make A WordPress Website In 2024 ( Ultimate Guide)

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A Million of people were involved in blogging in 21st century. Some find blogging as a career and some for passion. How To Make A WordPress Website In 2024 is very much familiar to many. There are hundreds to blogging platform or website builders. But features and services which WordPress provides that attracting user in this platform. Using WordPress is more convenient and helpful for blogger to write a content than Blogger.

How To Create WordPress Website Beginner Guide

Although WordPress need hosting and a custom domain, bloggers choose WordPress because of its features. In WordPress platform users can use different Plugins that helps them to write content. WordPress provides huge collection of attractive and SEO friendly theme for free. This helps users to customize the website according to them. 

WordPress provides its unique features that most of the users attracted to this is Plugins. With the help of Plugins We can write SEO friendly article that helps in ranking in Google search. Such as Yoast Plugin, Rank Math, Jet Pack etc. So, using WordPress is more convenient and comfortable than Blogger. Here you can learn how to use Blogger Platform For Free. 

In this article we are discussing how to create WordPress blogging website? What are the requirements to use WordPress? How to install and How to Use it. We are including each and every point that requires in WordPress installation. So, read every sentence thoroughly which provides every single information to use it. Follow these steps to Install WordPress and use it as your passion or as Career.

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Choose a custom Domain

How to choose best custom domain

Domain is a string of text which is connected with the numerical IP address of the website. Such as has its original IP address with numerical value "". It is very difficult to Memorize for visitors a numeric value. So, later domain introduced to help in revisiting the website earlier. Make sure to choose attractive and memorable domain that reflects your website niche.

Choose Best Hosting For Your WordPress.

Choose Best Hosting For Your WordPress.

Basically hosting is an online service which makes your website visible in the web. After buying hosting you have to pay according to your plans. Hosting provides a physical storage server to store a website data and files in it. There are so many web hosting services available on the internet. Some best web hosting are Bluehost, Site Ground, and WP Engine. WordPress recommend Bluehost for stable and fast loading server. This needs international payment's getaway to pay online. If it is possible to pay internationally choose Bluehost or other best service provider. Choose local services according to your payment getaway if internationally is not possible.

How to install WordPress step by step.

Login to your cPanel.

Login to your cPanel

To install WordPress, first you need to log in to your cPanel. After buying hosting plan hosting provider provide a personal cPanel to their users. If you don't ask them to provide full control on your cPanel. They will provide its username and password to login there. Blogging Career With WordPress seems easier to grow faster.

Search For Softaculous App Installers.

Search For Softaculous App Installers

After login to the cPanel there are so many options provided to manage the website. Like File manager, Add-on Domain, PhpMyAdmin, and many more. Scroll and find the option called WordPress manager by Softaculous or Softaculous app installers. It depends upon the hosting providers which they provide you.

Under the same section Softaculous App Installers you will get different apps and web builder options. Then choose for WordPress and click to install button below there. Afterwards you will be redirected to another page as bellow figure.

Finally the last step is to install WordPress. Here bloggers can choose their domain name with the extension like .com. They can choose either to use or other types of URL. After choosing the types of URL, there is an option for user admin. Here users have to choose username and password. After that click on the bottom installation.

Here we go now you can manage and edit you website design. Install Plugins and customize theme. After all these the website is ready to post the article.

Hope you guys got step-by-step guide how to Start A Blogging Career With WordPress And don't be hesitate to ask anything about Blogging related queries. Leave a comment if any problems occur while installing WordPress or contact us.


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