Smart License Check Online 2024

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Are you searching for How can I check my smart license online in Nepal, smart license check online. You are at the right place. In this article I will show you how easily you can check either your Smart Card License printed or not. Smart Card License Print Check Online In Nepal 2024. Smart license check online Nepal.

Smart License Check Online 2024
Smart Card License Print Check Online In Nepal 2023

In the context of Nepal, it will takes about a year to get Smart Card license after you passed written exam and trial for selected category. Between this time period we are searching either license has been printed or not. Some people visit Department Of Transport Management Office to know if their license has been printed or not. And some got trapped by Agent and have to pay money to get information.

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5 Easy Steps To Apply For Online Driving License In Nepal

So, read this article completely without skipping any sentences. If you skipped any sentences you might not be able to check it by yourself. Here I will show you two different ways to check Smart Card license print. First one is checking it by online and another one is by offline sending message. Both of these processes are so easy and simple. So, please follow these steps.

How can I check my smart license check online Nepal

Many people prefer online system rather than that of SMS. Applicant don't need any extra charge while checking it online. You only need an internet connection. Any one can check it either using mobile phone or pc.

  • Firstly visit office site of Department Of Transport Management (DOTM). Do not trust other site rather than official one, it may be harmful for your privacy. 
  • And then select the option called Smart Card License prince check. If you are using sites on English language. If you are using is on Nepali language please select an option( स्मार्ट कार्ड लाईसेन्स प्रिन्ट खोजी) which is in the 5th option or search the term if location is changed.
SmartCard Licence Print Check Online In Nepal 2023

  • After that the new window will appears in front of you as given in the picture. Fill the required details asked fill the first option with your name in English. And 2nd one with your Driving License number eg- 01-02-00986754. The Driving License Number is different according to Province from where you have applied.
  • After filling all the required information then click on the below button (Check Status). Here you can see either your Smart Card License has been printed or not. If it is there will be showing Name and Number along with printed date.

Check Smart Card License Printed by sending SMS.

If you fill little confusing by online checking system. Its easy to check by sending SMS to 33001 at just Rs 5. Just type LC<space>Applicant ID and send to 33001.
Note: Here Applicant ID is your License Number which you gets after passed trial. Make sure you have check it by gap between a month if its not printed.

I hope this information will help you to find out Printed License. Feel free to Contact Us if you feel any confusing.

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