5 Easy Steps To Apply For Online Driving License In Nepal

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Nepal Government has made new system to apply for online driving license in Nepal. New online driving license system is more easier and convenient while applying for new license. Previously we felt more harder to apply, while filling form we used to fill out every details in each and every new application. Although we have filled every details in the form, the last steps made every applicant irritating because of quota limitations. We generally don't know how much quotas was available while applying. But new system made quota visible to its applicant. This make more convincing and easier. Department of transport management system of Nepal applied new systematic way where applicant needs to create username and password for new apply. And after that we only need to login from next time as we have social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram.

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

In this article we have discussed all the points which our visitors search for in the internet. Here we have share our knowledge on how easily you can apply for new license or for added category. So, lets go for the application process. Before taking another steps for application process you must have your citizenship card with you, Blood Group certificate, Valid Phone for OTP code, Passport if you willing to add, and the last Smart Card Driving License for added category. Now after everything is ready follow the below method to apply for new license.

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Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Step 1: Sign-up

Firstly, Go to dotm.gov.np online driving license form application or you can visit onlineedlreg.dotm.gov.np  online driving license. From there sign-up for new registration and you can directly login if you have already created accounts. Driving license online form.

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

 You will need to provide
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact Number
After submitting above details now choose password (password must be minimum of 8 characters, uppercase, lowercase, number and symbol). After that please security question and add answer of it. This is required for password recovery incase you forgot. Then, click an option called sign-up. After that you will receive OTP code of 6 digit number confirm it and click on Ok, you will be redirect to next steps.

Step 2: Fill Out The Personal Details

Now the next steps is to fill out your personal details. Before adding your personal details must verify with your Citizenship ID and fill it. 

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Your Personal Details Will Includes:
  • Name (In English and Nepali)
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Blood Group
  • Nearest Transport Management Office
  • Guardian Name
  • Relation With Guardian
  • Education if any Educational Degree( If not you can choose None)
  • Occupation
  • Computer Knowledge
  • Country
Here, after filling all the required details you have to choose either you already have license or not. now click on submit button for next step, you will be redirect for Address details.

Step 3: Fill Out Address Details

The Next Step you will need to fill out address details. Here it will ask for your temporary and permanent details. If you have two different address please choose address details in citizenship as your permanent. And for temporary address provide your current one.
Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Your Address Details Will Includes:
  • Province
  • District
  • Municipality
  • Ward No.
  • City and Tole
Here you can choose same as permanent address as your temporary address. After filling all the details click on submit option for next steps.

Step 4: Fill Citizenship Details

The next step is to fill out Citizenship details where you have provide your original card photos and citizenship number.

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Your Citizenship Details Will Includes:
  • Citizenship Number
  • Citizenship Type
  • Issue District
  • Issue Date
  • Front And Back Side Photos of Citizenship

Step 5: Apply For New Licence 

Final steps for new applicants is to apply online form. But this steps will not be the last steps for added category. For added category applicants have to add their license details as they got earlier. For new license click on option apply for new license. 

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Online Driving License Registration Form In Nepal

Now check on terms and conditions of DOTM and click on next option. Afterwards in next steps choose the category for which you are applying for and again click next option. Now you have to choose for province and DOTM office where you want to apply and click next. Here choose date for office visits make sure there is quota available for selected date and category. Finally click on apply option you will receive otp for confirmation. Enter 6 digit otp and conform your entry for new license.

How To Apply For Added Category License In Nepal.

Applying for added category license you will have to follow all the above steps. If you have already finished above steps now add license details for the next steps. 

How To Apply For Added Category License In Nepal.

Your License Details Will Includes:
  • License Number 
  • Province
  • License Issue Office
  • Your Previously Added Phone number
  • Issue Date and expiry Date
  • License Photo and Category you already have.
Fill all above details and follow steps number 5 for added category. 

EAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
1. What Documents Are Required For Driving License In Nepal?
Documents required for Online Driving License In Nepal are as follows:
  • Citizenship Certificate
  • Blood Group Certificate
  • Smart Driving License For Added Category

2. How To Check For Smart Card License In Nepal

How To Check For Smart Card License In Nepal

After you passed everything written, medical, and physical exam. Dotm takes about a year for Smart Card Driving license. During this period of time people have to visit DOTM office to confirm either their Smart Card is being printed or not. To get ride of this problem we are here to help you. Visit this link License Print Check  and fill your full name in first column and license number in second one. If you got your name and number are match with results check the print date and visit DOTM office after 15-20 days of print date. 

3. Smart Card License Search

Smart Card License Search

Many people are searching for Smart Card License Search for their license details. Incase if anyone is applying for added category before they get Smart Card. They need a picture of Card to fill up details. In another if anyone lost the card, to file a lost case to police license details is necessary. This feature provides a clear image for searched license. 

4. Online Driving License Form Kathmandu
Department Of Transport Management system has made difference system to apply for license in Bagmati. The system to apply is differ than other province but details and styles to apply is lot similar. Click here is direct link for Kathmandu valley or Bagmati Province for registration. 

Online Driving License Form Kathmandu

Online Driving License Form Kathmandu

Online Driving License Form Kathmandu

Online Driving License Form Kathmandu

System to apply for Bagmati Province is little different. Here firstly you have to provide your phone number to verify and fill captcha for next steps. In another step you will have to enter 6 digit numbers and click on next. After that it will ask for either you already have Nepali Driving License or not. If yes, fill your license details and follow to next steps. Likewise you can apply for new and added category licenses in Nepal.

5. What Is The Process Of Get A Online Driving License In Nepal?
There are 4 different stages for getting Driving License in Nepal. Firstly fill the online form, follow above steps to apply. Secondly visit DOTM office on biometric date and clear medical test too. Thirdly clear written exam for trial of  selected category. And Fourthly give physical trial and get license.

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