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Ranking on Google Search is not an easy job for website owners. Google search metrics are designed to find out most relevant and useful quality content. Easy guide to start a new blogging website in 2024. This process sort out billions of webpage to meet quality article to its visitors within the shortest period of time. In short when you are not ranking your page on Google means no page visitors to your site. This downgrades your website Rank Higher On Google. Mostly website owners are publishing their content to earn passive income. Without Organic visitors your site will not be able to qualify for AdSense advertising policy. 

Strategies To Rank Higher On Google: Follow These 11 Rules For 2024

Here we share our knowledge on How To Rank Higher On Google. Whether you are a seasonal Blogger or you have just started your blogging carrier. Here are some unique strategies which we follow to Rank Higher On Google. This may improve your organic traffic to your site and improve your site ranking on Google.

Top 11 Strategies To Follow To Rank Higher On Google

1. Improve Your On-Site SEO

Improve Your On-Site SEO

On-page SEO is crucial for better rankings. Here are some key tactics:

  • Front-load Your Keywords: Target your keyword to keep in the beginning of your Title. Google gives more preference to keywords kept in front of Title tags.
  • Create Long Content: Google algorithm thinks longer content means more clarity to the visitors. Focus for at least 1500 words to Rank Higher On Google. The more you cover content will trend to rank better. 
  • Optimize Meta Tags: Meta Tags makes your site content more visible to Google. Always focus to add your keywords to Meta Title and Meta Tags. Google analyze page Title and Descriptions while searching for the results.

2. Add LSI Keywords To Your Page

Add LSI Keywords To Your Page

LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing)  was originally patented in 1989. As earlier search engine like Google and others used to determine the search terms in title of the post. Later a Google representative stated in 2019: “There’s no such thing as LSI keywords – anyone who’s telling you otherwise is mistaken, sorry.” But now you can also add LSI keywords to focus to rank higher on Google.

3. Match Your Content To Search Queries

Match Your Content To Search Queries

Ensure that the content you are publishing should match search queries of your visitors. Make sure to analyze what your visitors looking for. Make sure to engage to visitors to spent time on your article by providing quality content. Likewise, add a title and thumbnails in your article that related to your topic. Make sure to provide exact and higher quality information to your visitors as similar to your topic. 

4. Monitor Your Technical SEO

Monitor Your Technical SEO

Technical SEO plays an important role to Rank Higher On Google. SEO makes page more unique and attractive to search engine like Google. Basically Search Engine analyze for exact match of  keywords in Meta Title, Meta Description, First paragraph and subheadings. Make sure to add exact match of your keywords in these places. 

5. Find More Keywords To Target

Find More Keywords To Target

The More Keywords you target the more traffic you should drive. Try to add more different topic related keywords in page or article. Use keywords Research Tools Like SEMrush or Ahrefs to find more keywords. There are a number of keyword research tools on Google use either of them. 

6. Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Reduce Your Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate directly affects site on ranking on Google. The higher the Bounce Rate means lower your chance to Rank on Google. This shows poor visitors experience on page. Increase webpage load time, enhance readability, provide quality content and engage visitors.

7. Build Backlinks To Your Site

Build Backlinks To Your Site

Creation of authoritative Backlink is very much important to your site. This proves Google that the site delivers high quality content and it's genuine. Guest posting, outreach, and creating shareable content can help more.

8. Publish High Quality Content 

Publish High Quality Content

Technical SEO, Creating Backlinks, Reducing Bounce Rate and Focus keyboards doesn't matter. How much you spent time on those, only you need to give better than others. While only SEO doesn't solve your problem if your content isn't unique and value added to visitors. So, do deep research on your content and provide fully unique and high quality contents to your visitors.

9. Boost Your Click-Through Rate

Boost Your Click-Through Rate

Boosting Click-Through Rate increase your site visitors which increase impression on page. Adding impressive meta description, attractive thumbnail, engaging title boost click-through rate. So, try to give more time on generating attractive thumbnails, add impressive description of your page.

10. Internal Linking

Internal Linking
Internal linking improves page navigation and SEO of the pages. Add more links which connect your related pages. This increase your site clicks and increase impressions on your site. Google algorithm may detect as a quality content.

11. Track And Monitor Your Results 

Track And Monitor Your Results

And finally you are ready to shine your site on Google. Following all the above strategy you only need to wait for results. Use Google tools to track your site. Likewise, Google Analytics and Search Console from where you can track your visitors and analyze your site. Change your strategy according to your needs and know your visitors.


Following the step-by-step guide titled How to Rank Higher On Google, you can optimize your website for on-page and technical SEO, create relevant long-form content, and track your results using Google tools like Analytics and Search Console. By implementing these strategies, you can increase site clicks, impressions, and improve the quality of your content. Remember, consistency and patience are essential for success in achieving higher rankings on Google. Contact Us for more information about Blogging Tips.

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